Challenges x Poool

Supporting the transition towards a premium content strategy


Our solution was chosen for its flexibility

After years of an almost-free distribution of its digital content, the economics news magazine decided to dive into the world of premium content. The media was looking for a trustworthy partner to support this transition. The flexibility and potenial of Poool's solution, as well as the teams' proximity, convinced them to choose us. This is how the collaboration between Challenges and Poool started.

With prudence and humility, Challenges chose to focus on knowledge collection about the audience’s behavior. The goal was to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between its readers and premium content.


A collaboration built on trust led to a serene transition to premium

As focus was set on a free-towards-freemium strategy, Challenges’s first concern was designing a brand new “premium experience” for readers, without losing the benefits of of work already completed by publishers on their audience, its search optimization and the number of pageviews generated by its readers.

On Poool’s side, the business interlocutor accompanied the implementation of the tool and the publishing team's strategy. He gave the client his recommendations about the layout and the way the paywall would be integrated into the page: excerpt length, column size... He also gave some widgets in the best way possible. In a nutshell, Poool and Challenges have been collaborating serenely to build the best experience of premium content consumption, thanks to a simple and efficient user journey.

As part of the transition to premium, the emphasis was put on pedagogy. The idea being that the readers should not be annoyed but instead they should be left to discover subscription by guiding them down a journey of compensation choices. The decision was made to:

  • Offer some articles for free to give them a taste of unlocking content and to the idea of premium articles
  • Collect data and optimize user engagement for readers that are the less active
  • Promote subscription offers with the most engaged readers


With Poool, Challenges now knows its audience and has increased its subscription base

At Poool, we are delighted to support our client in setting up its paying content strategy. Facing this big challenge, results were quickly positive:

thousands of leads generated in 3 months
tens of thousands answers to business questions in 6 months
a better knowledge of their audience
hundreds of digital subscriptions

Our clients testify

We’ve been working with Poool for quite a few years now and they’ve truly become close partners of ours in our quest to turn readers into subscribers. The team at Poool has always been very reactive to any queries that we’ve had as well as helping our new employees to get to grips with the dashboard.

Clémence Baudouin, Head of digital projects, Challenges.