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Facing a classic paywall, 95% of users leave the content they wanted to read!

60% of them even leave the media’s website...


The gap between “free” and “paid” content is too big...


Harness the world of opportunities between “free” and “paid”!

We created Poool, a dynamic paywall which enables editors to maximize their audience value, using smart compensation choices.

Data collection, monetization, traffic in subscription funnel... our innovative solution guarantees controlled access over premium content for each reader.

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SaaS innovation, built with and for editors.
Compensation, monetization, promotion of subscription: content is king!
Call-to-action widgets and engaging journeys for readers
A comprehensive dashboard where we split the audience, analyze the results and optimize strategies accordingly.

Our clients testify

We wanted to test new levers in order to grow and qualify our member base, while highlighting the associated service offer. So we implemented Poool’s widgets very quickly and very easily with the help of the team. The flexibility of the tool allowed us to make some tests on a small part of the audience then to extend it to a bigger part of our readers. Today, Poool is the main source for new members on our website.

Renaud Coldepin, Digital Marketing Director, Newsweb.
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