Welcome to the era of media-reader relations

Our simple and dynamic paywall solution, integrated into your site, will allow you to test marketing strategies and develop close relationships with your readers.

More than 90 companies are already working with Poool

Our dynamic paywall, Poool Access, will allow you to reach your goals, whatever your strategy may be (engagement, monetization, subscription...). This personalization for each publisher has led us to proudly becoming the French market leader.

The truly dynamic paywall.

Gain subscribers, understand your audience, encourage account creation... Whatever your marketing strategy may be, Poool Access has got you covered. It’s totally flexible and adaptable to the issues that your media faces.

Features. It’s that simple.

Each of the features of Poool Access has been designed for and with our clients so that each one meets your needs as a publisher. We don’t promise you the moon, but simply pledge that you’ll benefit from our product.

Always here for you.

Thanks to simple onboarding, projects get launched in less than 4 weeks. What’s more, throughout the process, you can contact us easily on our online chat tool, with a response time of under 5 minutes over the last 6 months.

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Experience the view that your readers get when faced with one of Poool Access’ paywall scenarios.

Numbers speak louder than words.


articles discovered with Poool Access


different readers have interacted with Poool Access


calls to our platform each minute

Numbers speak louder than words.

* Over the last 3 months

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Digital Media Review

The never-before-seen report discussing access to paid content

We wanted to give publishers a better understanding of the market in order to facilitate decision making within their company. So, we created the Digital Media Review, a report which regularly and anonymously defines the benchmarks for online content publishers.

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